Sunday, December 25, 2011

Summer storms

We've had very hot weather all week, with thunderstorms rumbling throughout the last two nights and all day today (our older dog, Gus, hates thunder and absolutely freaks out, which means we've had very little sleep). We celebrated Christmas with family last night, and today had a wonderful lunch with friends while the weather was still clear.

It was still very hot when we got home at 2pm, but since about 4 o'clock we've been pelted by large hailstones and extremely heavy rain, while thunder rumbles continuously. It's 7:15 now and the storms haven't let up .... I do feel sorry for people who were celebrating outside today!

This is really strange weather - hot and humid conditions combined with severe hailstorms (similar to the freak storms we had early last year)... but at least we had a taste of a white Christmas!

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