Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Bright young things

As a 'plus-size' Australian woman in my late 30s, it might seem a little weird to have a bit of a style crush on a twenty-something from Sweden ....
Am I too old to be inspired by this kind of look?? I don't know. Probably. But when I get past the cutesy posing, Elsa's blog makes me smile.

I usually don't like blogs filled with 'what I wore today' shots, in which young women point their toes inward, trying to look wide-eyed and wistful and moody. They often seem to drip with narcissism and suggest to me a vacuous, self-centred existence. Elsa is also clearly aware that she's pretty and photogenic, but there's something about her blog that conveys an endearing exuberance and confidence, which makes it less irritating to read. Her outfits are unconventional and I love the photos she takes of her neighbourhood, friends and culinary adventures ..... oh, that Northern European light!

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Fourth Daughter said...

I can totally see the appeal here. And I can totally see you in those outfits!
Anyone who can make PIGEONS look appealing is talented, in my opinion.

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