Sunday, July 24, 2011

Northern hemisphere girl trapped in a southern hemisphere body

I'd really love to take 6 months or a year and travel around North America. It's the landscapes, flora and fauna that really get me - American and Canadian forests, mountains, prairies, coastlines, gardens etc. have captured my imagination for years.

I guess I'd have to get fit and strong, and we'd certainly need some way of supporting ourselves ... I wonder if there's any chance that the Aussie dollar will stay strong so we can afford a trip in 2013?

(lovely old travel posters found here)

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Jasmine said...

I agree! I spent a year living in Canada and travelling the USA and moved back to Aus in November.. I went back for a holiday in April and have already booked to go again in December. I can't explain what it is, about the mountains, the lakes, the rugged Pacific coastline, the desert, the plains, the prairies, the kitsch, the vintage, the urban... You absolutely must GO!

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