Sunday, July 31, 2011


I've realised that our older dog, Gus, doesn't like having his picture taken. Whenever I try to take his photo, he usually looks down and to the side ("You're stealing my soul!"), and it takes a bit of effort to pursuade him to look directly at the camera. If he does look at the camera his demeanor becomes very sombre, a far cry from his general attitude of puppy-like loopiness.
Bracken, on the other hand, is always thrilled to have attention directed at him, and the trick is to stop him from bouncing right up to the camera.

Ah, but when there's a ball involved Gus cheers right up, although he then has no interest in staying still for a photo - there's so much running and chasing to be done!
(note here the sandy nose from too many crashes ...)

Silly ol' pups!

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Janne said...

Too cute for words :-)

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