Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Tuesday web wanderings

I thought I'd share some lovely things that have brightened my days recently:

A nifty little zoomable map, on paper!

Breathtaking kinetic sculptures by engineer/artist, Bas Jan Ader

Lovely photographs and general chat at Marty Party

Guido Mocafico's stunningly beautiful still life photography

Emma Kelly's lively watercolours 

A good effort by a not-so-mystical cat

Plaid Stalllion's collection of 70s fashion crimes

A pretty winter cape

Practical home hints 

Melbourne elephant Dokkoon's adorable new baby, taking her first bath (almost too cute ...)

Have a wonderful week!

1 comment:

Rina said...

Oh! I loved every link! I can´t decide which is my favorite! thanks!

... also ...

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