Wednesday, February 10, 2010


Our small veggie garden has gone into overdrive this summer - last week we still had several zucchinis left over for ourselves every day despite giving away over 23kg (around 40 pounds!) of zucchs. The previous weekend we gave away 18kg's worth, while also stocking our freezer with zucchini soup and making lots of zucchini pasta dishes. It's a zucchini bonanza!



Fresh tomato pasta and basil pesto were also on the menu this week - so delicious! I don't think you can ever have too much basil in the garden ....

Our neighbours' fruit trees are heavily laden too; each night we're serenaded (?!) by the chattering and squabbling of fruit bats as they feast on figs, quinces and stonefruit. It's funny ... although Gus barks at possums he doesn't make a fuss of the fruit bats in our trees, even though they're much noisier. Maybe they intimidate him - some of them have wingspans of around 70cm (35").

Oh - I just found this pic of a fruit bat (they're known in Australia as flying foxes) - what an odd, yet endearing, little face!

(pic from here)

Happy gardening, folks!

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