Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Food snatcher

This morning in our laundry I caught a little thief at work ...  a wasp landed on our cat's bowl and made off with a piece of dry cat food. It grasped the food between its legs and flew to the windowsill, where it proceeded to roll the piece of food around, stinging it repeatedly.



I've also seen several bees, wasps and butterflies drinking at our water bowls lately....


When I set the bowls out in our garden I hoped they might provide water for birds, but I hadn't thought about thirsty insects! I'm glad to be helping them out in this hot weather.

... and while we're on the subject of bugs, check out this little caterpillar's Spiderman impersonation!

(image sources: wasp drinking, caterpillar)

1 comment:

m. heart said...

Bees eating cat food...hmmm!
That green caterpillar looks like an alien!

... also ...

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