Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Did you vindaloo?

Today was (unofficially?) 'Vindaloo Against Violence' day in Australia, a socio-political event that was first proposed online a few weeks ago. In response to a spate of apparently racially-motivated, horrible attacks on Indians in Australia, and subsequent heated debate about racism and culture, it was suggested that Australians (particularly Melbournians) could show their support for the Indian community today by eating at Indian restaurants. Of course it's terribly sad that this kind of thing should even be considered necessary, but I guess it's good to focus our energies on something positive rather than the ugly, violent elements in our society.

I like the idea of eating out as a social statement - people don't have to gather in specific, centralised locations, rally in a large crowd where emotions can become overheated, or overtly demonstrate a particular political alignment (not that there's anything wrong with peaceful group protests, the power of which was demonstrated at yesterday's rally in support of Melbourne's live music scene). I just like the idea of people being able to do something pleasurable while at the same time supporting a particular section of the local community.

We ate dinner at our local Indian restaurant, which was absolutely full to capacity (and turning away customers). The poor staff hadn't been aware of today's informal event until the restaurant was already much busier than usual. I felt a twinge of guilt as I broke my 2010 commitment to eliminating meat from my diet and ordered one meat curry (vindaloo of course!) to go with the veggie dishes, but all the food was delicious and we emerged from the restaurant feeling rather rotund and certainly sated.

.... Mmmmm! I think I'll dream of roasted cauliflower, minted yoghurt and hot/sour pickled limes tonight!

 Fellow Aussies, did you vindaloo?

(Mouthwatering food pics from here, here and here)

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