Wednesday, March 04, 2009

Big day

Since arriving home on Sunday night, my head has been an absolute whirlwind .... I started my new job on Monday (feeling extremely nervous and unprepared), straight into lectures and meetings and class prep. Yesterday afternoon I went to a service for the bushfire victims - sitting out on the South Lawn at Melbourne Uni as dust and leaves swirled around in the fierce, hot winds, we were reminded of the continuing horror of this awful tragedy. A student read out a list of towns affected by the fires - it seemed to go on forever. Members of the university community who have lost their lives and homes were also remembered. It's just so sad.

This morning I took my first tutorial and attended a meeting before heading home early. This afternoon we're holding a public memorial service for my dad; I'm looking forward to celebrating the life of that wonderful man, and sharing happy memories with those who loved him. I've written the eulogy, and G will read a poem.

I think this weekend I will just try and sleep.


CurlyPops said...

Thinking of you today Juddie. Hope you're ok.

Ben said...

Beautiful speech Juddie. Beautiful

... also ...

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