Saturday, March 14, 2009

21st-Century Kilts and other things

The other night we went to a friend's book launch. Her partner was wearing a beautifully tailored suit, pairing a well-cut, grey pinstriped jacket with a very snappy (pinstriped) kilt. It looked ... well ... pretty darned sharp.

Apparently the suit was from 21st-Century Kilts in Edinburgh, a small company that makes high-quality outfits for those who wish to bring a new approach to business attire. G is considering whether or not to order a kilt suit himself (I wonder how his conservative banking colleagues would react if he did? - with dismay I hope!). I like 'em.

This morning I did a little bit of shopping myself. I bought some rather gorgeous red boots and a little item that should make my commute into work more enjoyable....


(proper pics to come soon)

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Sarah said...

Yeah, I think it'd be good to see more men in kilts. They'd certainly be more practical than trousers in summer, and they're more sophisticated-looking than shorts!

... also ...

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