Monday, January 21, 2008

Mobile swap

Wow - three posts today!

I'm very excited to be taking part in Elsie Marley's Mobile Swap - there are so many options!

I just hope I can make something good enough to be a real treat for my swap partner, who's all the way across the world in chilly old Washington.
I know she likes green, orange, yellow and turquoise, so I'll try and make something cheerful to brighten up the bleak Winter days ...


Altissima said...

Sounds like fun.
Wouldn't a fleet of these make a gorgeous mobile? Perhaps a leetle ambitious for this exchange :-)

Jelly Wares said...

What a great swap!!! I'm sure that your mobile will be gorgeous and your swap partner over in Washington will just love it.
Thanks for popping by my blog.... The brown snake that you commented on may be beautiful but extremly DEADLY it is also.... I live on a rural property which is located near a town which only has one doctor. The closest anti-venom is 3hrs away at Dubbo Base Hospital. You can get to Dubbo in an hour with the royal flying doctors (RFDS), if you're lucky.... Last year 2 local boys lost their lives to bites from these very snakes. Heart shattering when it's so close to home.
Every second is crucial out hear in the bush when a little child is bitten. The blood pumps around their bodies so fast that the venom gets to work pretty much straught away..... Do you have young children???? Have you ever had a deadly venomous snake in your house near them???? It'd be great to hear about your experience's..... As I said in my post about these snakes 'I feel that not being educated about them is my weakness'. Any info that you have would be great!!
Looking forward to hearing back from you..


Amy said...

This does sound like a wonderful swap! I have never made a mobile but boy does it make me want to try. Thanks for the sweet comment at my blog :)

... also ...

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