Monday, January 21, 2008

This is .... my favourite cup

Oops! I'm one day late in joining Angela's 'This is' game.....
Her theme for this week is 'My favourite cup'- seems easy but it turned out to be trickier than I thought! My first thought was of a little black and white cup that I've had since childhood, but I could't find it anywhere at home.

Yesterday at the National Gallery I saw some beautifully illustrated dinnerware by Eric Ravilious, and a pretty little cup with a gardening theme caught my eye (it would have been perfect for me!). Unfortunately I wasn't able to take photos and the gallery didn't have any postcards showing the cup.

So ... as I can't find my favourite childhood cup, and I can't find an image of the beautiful porcelain I saw yesterday, here's my favourite cup for this week:

A buttercup!

(image from here)


three buttons said...

cute! and very original!

Altissima said...

Hey J, I thought of you too when I saw the Ravilious cup with the garden tools.
I found a picture of the cup with matching jug on:
click . Scroll down to item 817. Click on the thumbnail image for a larger view.

Altissima said...

'nother pic here:

Nicola said...

Such a good idea, my favourite "This is ... My Favourite Cup" blog I have viewed so far.

... also ...

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