Monday, January 17, 2011

Potato guy

One thing I love about living in Brunswick is that it's really urban yet it also has a relaxed and cool community atmosphere. When we moved house a year ago (admittedly only 5 blocks from our previous home), we wondered if we'd still be able to buy food from the 'potato guy'.

He's a farmer who drives slowly through the streets with a ute (pickup) full of produce (generally root crops, but also sometimes pumpkins, apples etc. ) and a loud speaker to call out to customers like a market merchant: "Fresh potatoes! New potatoes! ... Come and get your potatoes!".

When I hear him coming, I respond the same way as when we hear an icecream van tinkling through the neighbourhood in summer - I scramble madly to find my purse, trip over the dogs, and then dash out onto the street (usually with bare feet), trying to wave down the potato guy as by then he's usually passed our house. Today I was quick and caught his attention easily, and I bought 5kg of delicious-looking blue potatoes .... yum!

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Tanya said...

Oh my gosh, Juddie, I am laughing so hard on the inside- we moved 12 years ago- 12 YEARS- we were in Mitchell Street Northcote and had the potato guy up our street. Now, when my fella brings in spuds from the garden, we happily joke (pretending we have a loud speaker)- "new potatoes, fresh and new, fresh, new, potatoes"! Huh, so the potato guy is still going.

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