Thursday, January 27, 2011

Animal rehab

We seem to be operating an animal rehab centre here these days ...

Our sweet little adopted dog, Bracken, is settling in and making progress, but he still has a lot of psychological issues as a result of his traumatic past. Poor little guy! He so desperately wants to be part of our pack!

Last week while I was mowing my neighbour's lawn I saw (and heard!) a little ring-tail possum fall out of a tree onto the concrete driveway... *crack!* ... Ouch! The possum was stunned but didn't seem to be badly injured, so I wrapped him in a warm towel and let him rest in a box for a while before taking him back to his tree, where he promptly scurried on up to a high branch. This is the second tree-fallen possum I've found nearby in the past year.

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Janne said...

What cuties! And so good of you to look after them.

... also ...

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