Saturday, December 04, 2010

Potager peeping

I love my little garden, and the ability to harvest fresh veggies, herbs and flowers never fails to delight me.

These potager patches from around the interwebs inspire me to plant more and make use of every available space:

What's growing in your garden at the moment?


Bellgirl said...

A. Erm...weeds! I need a bit of muscle to move the raised beds, and I'm wating...and waiting...for some help from Mister Bell ;)

I love looking at pics of vegie patches, thanks for these! said...

Hey Juddie! Your garden is looking wonderful and making me very jealous.

I've also sent you a 'blogger tag' which is where you answer a number of questions which you post on your blog and then make up your own 8 questions and tag some other bloggers. To get your 8 questions, just pop onto my blog to have a look. Just a bit of fun if you have some spare time.

Looking forward to the invite when the kitchen is finished, but in the meantime I hope you both have a wonderful Christmas!x

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