Sunday, December 05, 2010

Neglected pup update

This morning we finally got to meet the poor little pup whose sorry plight we'd heard about through an acquaintance. We found out that he had been left alone in a suburban back yard for six months (!!), eating decidedly non-canine food like potato chips and noodles, dropped over the fence by a neighbour.

The dog is suffering from ear infections and the ill effects of a poor diet, and when we met him he was very dirty with matted hair. But he's surprisingly chipper, extremely friendly and seems very eager to please! I gave him a bath this afternoon; he's booked in for a haircut on Tuesday and I'll take him to the vet tomorrow for a full checkup.

His name was Ralph .... we didn't think he looked like a Ralph though (and he didn't seem to know his name) so we've renamed him Bracken. G calls him Brachyosaurus.

Thank you to those of you who offered to try and find a place for him to stay over Christmas while we travel interstate - your efforts to help, and kind wishes, are much appreciated. As we didn't meet Bracken till today I wasn't quite sure how to finalise our Christmas plans, but I'll probably be in touch soon if you've offered to help!


flowerpress said...

What a sweetie, so great that you can save him from such a horrible life :-)

Jazzy E (hivennn) said...

so adorable x hivennn.

Janne said...

Ah! He's so lucky to be with you. He looks happy too :-)

msveronica9 said...

I had the pleasure of meeting Bracken today: he's a cuddly, golden bundle of joy! He's also extremely lucky to have been rescued by the wonderful Boyd family, where he'll be loved for the rest of his life. :-)

outi said...

i´m so HAPPY to hear these news!!! dear Bracken and you!!!
i wish you all the best and a happy christmas time together <3

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