Friday, December 03, 2010

Linky Friday

Hello friends!
I have many lovely things to share with you today, so I think I'll compile a little link list and encourage you explore at your leisure ...

* Love this beautiful sled by Wolfgang Sirch.

* Portland is definitely on my list of dream destinations .... and it seems that many people there know how to rock a certain street style too. Urban Weeds captures the goodness (via SFGirlByBay).

* This globe from ImagineNations sets my heart a-flutter

* These balloons hint at a joyful story

* Ellen Urselmann plays tricks with glass and light

* These artists seem to know exactly which colour combinations will catch my eye

* Love the cheerful styling of this fiesta by You Are My Fave.

* Although I'm not a doll person, I was impressed by the dollhouse featured in last month's Frankie magazine. The Jealous Curator has scanned a few pages for you here.

* I also found my way to Flickr's Modern Miniatures group ... I had no idea that there were so many hipster homes out there, perfectly recreated in miniature. Bizarre! Several of them remind me of the beautiful (full-sized!) designs featured here.

.... and to finish off, I'll leave you with this pretty sailor girl corset from Battie Clothing, to inspire your summer wardrobe. It's hot here at the moment - perfect weather for messing about in boats.

What lovely things have you found lately?

1 comment:

Urban Weeds said...

Hi Juddie!

Thanks for the link love! If you ever make it to Portland let me know, I'd love to meet you.


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