Tuesday, December 08, 2009


Back already? How time flies!
We expected to find our new garden shrivelled to a crisp upon our return, but Melbourne has had some unexpected downpours so our lawn is high and lush and the veggies are reaching for the sky. Hooray!

It's actually bucketing down again now, so I can't get out to do the weeding .... better get on to some sewing as I wait for Flickr to upload my many, many holiday snaps.

(droplet pic from here)

How is your Tuesday treating you?


Bellgirl said...

Hi Juddie, I'm sitting here watching the rain too, thankful that it's keeping my neglected garden alive.

Jennifer said...

Home again, safe and sound -- always wonderful to wander and wonderful to arrive back at home! Eager to see your photos and hear more of your stories; it already looks as though it was just an utterly amazing experience!

Sarah said...

Welcome back! Can't wait to see the holiday snaps.

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