Sunday, December 27, 2009

Little things

Recently I've been thinking a lot about small things that can make a big difference ....

While I was friendly with several neighbours at our last address, it's been wonderful discovering an even greater sense of community in our new street. Just four weeks after we moved in I realised that already knew more than 25 people from our street, most of whom had introduced themselves with words of welcome as I worked out the front, setting up house.

I've felt really at home from the start; as I walk our dog or potter in the garden I can always say hi to someone I know, and it's nice being greeted with cheerful smiles each day.  In the past week various neighbours have given us a bottle of wine, some fresh tomatoes, and a plate of delicious home-baked Greek biscuits (cookies). On Christmas day I opened our letter box to find another unexpected gift ... fresh figs from our next-door neighbours' tree.

This street is fab!

Oh yes - to top off a good week, we enjoyed an added treat today:
when we took Gus swimming at the local waterhole we found some plum trees in an abandoned orchard, fruiting magnificently. The little plums, bursting with sweetness, glowed like Christmas decorations in the warm summer sunshine. I picked several handfuls and skipped with joy at having found a surprise harvest in such an unlikely place.

* sigh! *

Life can be so good when you treasure the small things.

(fig pic from here)

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