Monday, May 11, 2009

Food from Finland

My friend (and boss!) organises regular craft afternoons at her home, and she always chooses a food theme so everyone brings food for a big dinner party in the evening. This weekend we will be cooking Finnish food. I've looked up some recipes on the internet, but was wondering if anyone has recommendations for a Finnish dish that is relatively easy to cook/prepare...?

(By the way, it's Autumn here in Melbourne at the moment - I thought this might help to guide the selection of seasonal ingredients .....)

Any suggestions will be very welcome!


janis said...

Hi Juddie, Thank you for visiting my blog and leaving such nice comments. Also, because you visited me, I now know about you too!

Btw, I wish it was autumn here as's my favorite season :)

Altissima said...

Hi Juddie,
How about Gloggi (the only Finnish food/beverage I can think of)? Lovely for these cool wintry days. xK

outi said...

finnish food! oh boy.. hmm, some "traditional" ones could be for example gravlax with rye bread, (and if you like, with sauce that you can mix with soft cheese, like mascarpone and horseradish..)

but hey, i just found this:

that Lohikeitto (salmonsoup) is one of my favorites:)

outi said...

oh and there was recipe for gravlax also:

Schanett said...

good idea!
but I can't help - I don't know any finnish meals... I only have fish and potatoes and liquorice in my mind... thinking of northern kitchens...

thank you for your nice comment on my blog!

Esti said...

I can't help on the finnish front... nor could I help on the Spanish front anyway... ;)ç
good luck!

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