Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Unfortunately ....

I just spied a fun little meme over at Iris & Lily, which doesn't take long but is enough to amuse small minds such as my own. All you need to do is type "unfortunately, [your name]" into Google, and see what comes up.

Here are a few of mine:

Unfortunately Justine's rocker boyfriend has moved in too, and he isn't kicking in a penny.

Unfortunately, Justine's most effective moments are not those of the novelist but of the poet.

Unfortunately, Justine's German sportswear maker's outfit looked more Sailor Moon than regal RG queen.

Unfortunately, Justine not so at all, I am despising her more and more.

Unfortunately, Justine was a bit sick, but she soldiered bravely on. (And is much better now, thank you.)

... unfortunately Justine is so eager to be reunited with Vincent that she takes a drug and dies before the Doctor has a chance to brief her properly.

Unfortunately, Justine will also learn the consequences that her new relationship will have, and how the tottering of her carefully-balanced life affects the delicate illusions of life for those around her - Holden, her husband, and even Bubba.

Ha! Love it!


Joan Elizabeth said...

What fun. I couldn't help but try it.

Sharon said...

You got really funny ones! German sportswear hey?!!:)

... also ...

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