Sunday, April 26, 2009

Dog and mog

It's chilly, grey and windy today, with occasional showers spattering against the windows. I think Gus and Emerson have a few good ideas for staying cosy on a gloomy Sunday afternoon:

1. Find a sunny corner and soak up that sunshine whenever you can

2. Wriggle around on the floor in front of the gas heater

3. Close your eyes tight and snooze in your bed

4. Sneak into some warm, unsupervised bedding while it awaits fresh covers (even though you know this is strictly forbidden!)

5. Share a bed with your best friend and snuggle up tight

6. Don't forget to put on a scarf before you go out in that wind!


Sarah said...

I especially like that last picture! Gus just has the most gorgeous puppy eyes.

Both my pets know all about sleeping in forbidden places too. You may remember that massive bag of toy stuffing I had. Well, anyway, one day my mum got home from shopping to find the dog cozily snuggled inside it with his head sticking out! But I've certainly never seen him cuddle up with the cat...

Janne said...

Gus is SO adorable!

Karin said...

Awwwwww...... an altogether adorable face on that pup!

Yes, I think they have the right idea!

Rina said...

they look so cute!!

outi said...

well these fellows look incredibly cute;)

... also ...

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