Monday, April 13, 2009

Autumn bliss

Yet again the Easter weather has been absolutely magic, with warm, sunny days consistently following dewy nights. Heavy rain a couple of weeks ago has prompted local parklands to restore their cloaks of green, and soft light gleams gently through quaking leaves wherever we go.

On Saturday G and I worked in the garden, tidying and replanting (..... I do have a habit of moving plants around every year, and of bringing home too many plants and seeds to fit in my little garden). Our garden is small but it is an intriguing and ever-changing system of form, fragrance, colour, movement, growth and decline. I love it.

Yesterday afternoon we took Gus to the beach, where he swam to his heart's content in the soft golden light as the sun dropped low on the horizon - a wonderful way to end the day! Today was lovely too - we popped Gus in his little pup-mobile and cycled to a cafe in Carlton for lunch (I love meandering with my husband, soaking up the local atmosphere, especially when we don't have to stick to a schedule). Later, at Royal Park, Gus jumped out and raced as fast as he could alongside our bikes for several laps of the park. When I watch him at full gallop, streaming through the grasslands, I know I'm witnessing pure puppy joy! What a shame I didn't have my camera to capture his antics (which were a bit like this):

Riding home in the dappled sunlight through the avenue of old elms along Royal Parade I felt truly happy. This weekend was a good weekend.

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