Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Wednesday [a]musings

I've found so many fab things on the interweb this week, I thought perhaps I should make a little list ....

1. I could meander for hours through the architecture, lifestyle, and design sections of The Coolhunter website. Oh yes! Creative types abound in this sweet little ol' world of ours.

2. I'd love to visit the sculpture garden at Chatsworth House in the UK.... Think it sounds a bit conservative? Check out this baby!

3. David Byrne's new NYC bike racks add a welcome quirkiness to the city's urban landscape:

4. If I were super-technical, I'd make myself one of these fabulous turn signal cycling jackets

5. ... and if I were cleverly geeky (and patient!), I'd make a team of these super-cute BristleBots - I just love the idea of racing them.

Away from the computer I've been losing myself in the pages of the beautiful Maisons Cote Sud (makes me realise I simply must learn French properly one of these days, but I get by) - it transports me to another world. *sigh!*

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015thrash said...

Hey Juddy, how's it going?

I just came back from a nice, relaxed, yummy trip from Japan.

I love that NYC bike rack its so pop - kinda like Keith Hearing. :)

I went to the Sustainable Roundtable seminar yesterday and found out about this web site. I think you might like it.

- Reiko

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