Monday, August 04, 2008

This is .... my trade secret

- Sunshine in a jar!

I love cooking with preserved lemons - they add a wonderful salty, tangy flavour to many dishes, including lemon and chicken risotto; lemon cous cous with toasted pistachio nuts, cranberries and fresh mint; chicken, lemon, olive and chickpea tagine (stew); broad bean, fresh pea, butterbean, goats' cheese and lemon salad; and many many more scrumptious dishes. They lemons are usually stored in a sharp, tangy juice which may have become syrup-like and is delicious when added to rice or cous cous dishes or salad dressing.

My local area is known for its middle-eastern grocery stores and restaurants, so we have ready access to all kinds of preserved lemons in jars. If you can find Maggie Beer's lemons at your local deli, I highly recommend them for a bit of extra *zing* in your meals. I would be more than happy to receive jars of her lemons as prsents for Christmas or my birthday any time .... but really, preserved lemons are also very easy to make at home!

Thank you to Amelia for this week's great theme, and to our lovely host Angela.
(Pics from here)


m. heart said...

i must admit i don't think i have ever had preserved lemon, but you've now made me very curious (and hungry).

thanks for your kind words on my blog! nice to meet you!

Handmaiden said...

I make my own too, so easy, its just the waiting time. these look great

Jennifer said...

I've heard of preserved lemons but never had them -- photos are gorgeous and I can just image the flavor!

Moiface said...


... also ...

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