Saturday, August 09, 2008

Belgian Waffle, and a fete worse than death

Jaywalker's blog, Belgian Waffle, has been totally cracking me up today. I love good writing, and when it's teamed with a healthy mix of cynicism and humour it's perfect entertainment for a rainy afternoon.

My sister found it for me, suggesting that I might like Jaywalker's plans for a blogland/interweb village fete. It sounds like fun - a great way to brighten up the gloomy winter (or perhaps steamy summer?) months. Here are the rules, and a vegetable photo story to get you started.

Pootling around on the net, looking for ideas for the fete, I found the Cakewrecks blog. Oh my! (*wipes tears from eyes*) The comments are so cutting, and the cakes are downright disturbing!

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