Sunday, February 24, 2008

This is ..... my favourite accessory

For this week's This is.... meme (hosted by Three Buttons) we're to post a picture of ourselves showing our favourite accessory in the mirror. I wasn't able to take a picture in the mirror tonight but I have been thinking about my favourite accessories.
Most of them are beautiful items of handcrafted jewellery given to me by my husband, and I love them all because they remind me of him and of special moments.

These scarves are fun to wear too:

... and I adore this stunning Spanish compact ( a Christmas present from G last year):

Last month I bought myself a brooch and necklace from the wonderful team at Klei....

I wonder though, if this little fella might be my absolute favourite accessory?!

(here posing with G's knees during a train ride to the Sustainable Living Festival in the city last weekend)


one little acorn said...

Scarves are definitely my favourite winter accessory. Love your other pics too... your dog is gorgeous

Kyla said...

OOoooh, I love the compact. Very nice. Have a great day!

Maureen said...

Juddie, I'm very glad those aren't YOUR knees. ;-)

... also ...

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