Tuesday, May 24, 2011

The most powerful drug

Despite the reality of the political context, there's something about the colour and crazy-happy-shiny world of communist propaganda posters that appeals to me ...

 Supplying good quality products, serving people with all my heart.

 Exhibitions are good!

Push patriotic sanitation work to new heights!

 Vigorously promote patriotic sanitary activities!

Strive to be cultured, polite, hygienic, organised, and morally upstanding.

 Love manual labour!

 We love labour!

 Mobilize yourself to eliminate pests and eradicate diseases.

 Denounce the preference for sons over daughters and do a good job of family planning.

 Let's honour our teachers!

Make your own things.

 Face the enemy courageously!

(Posters from Maopost)


willywagtail said...

They are pretty maybe because they still use the old Chinese love of colour. Cherrie

flowerpress said...

I was being lulled into a patriotic sanitary haze until that last one!

Jo said...

We just bought some home from Vietnam. The colours are amazing and the messages quite funny but a little disturbing at times.

... also ...

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