Monday, May 02, 2011

A blast from the past

Oh woe .... I've been so busy lately, and although I have new ideas for my blog every day, I'm finding it difficult to keep up. Maybe I'm losing my blogging mojo ....?
(oh no! I do hope not!)

In the meantime (while I try to boost my blogging energy) I invite you to step back in time - to the glamorous world of American shopping malls in the summer of 1990.

Did you notice the red 'Tape World' shop sign?

Ah, yes ....  and there's more shopping mall marvellousness to be found here.

(Courtesy of Michael Galinsky, via How to be a Retronaut)


Altissima said...

These are fab! I think maybe the people in American Shopping malls are a few years behind the times though: I'm sure that big boofy hair was over by 1990. Or maybe it's just that I was at Uni by that time, and going through my grungy alternative phase, and rejecting mainstream fashion.
Do you remember rubing the hair just above your forehead with the palm of your hand to get that really fluffy fringe?

Juddie said...

yep! sure do! (but shhh ... don't tell anyone. - and we must destroy any evidence!)

Jasmine said...

I love that nanna's Florida t-shirt in the fourth photo!

... also ...

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