Wednesday, March 02, 2011

Hey Galliano! What the ... ?!?!

Dear John,

It's funny ... just a few days ago I was looking through some of your recent collections and planning to write a post about my long love affair with your playful creative spirit, sensual relationship with colour, texture, form and femininity, and notable design talents. I feel old when I realise that I've been interested in your work for more than two decades, but I guess it's fun to see what new direction your designs are taking every now and then as the years slide by ...

And then yesterday I found out that you're a bigoted idiot, have been arrested in Paris (of all places), and dropped by the House of Dior. You got some splainin' to do!

I mean, really .... what kind of stupidity can lead you to a point that has you dumped by Dior after 15 years of celebrated mutual success?

Oh.... This

I guess (as Chris suggests) it is nice to see that brilliance in art doesn't protect you when you're truly being an asshole.

I'm dumping you too. 

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trash said...

Hey Galliano! Juddie dumped you.

... also ...

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