Wednesday, March 02, 2011

Um ... rewind a bit.

Let's just pretend that I did upload this before my post earlier today ...

I love these designs from Dior's dastardly (former) head designer. They're part of the Spring 2011 collection, designed as a tribute to Rene Gruau, Dior's fashion illustrator who was instrumental in bringing the 1950s 'New Look' to the world and creating an instantly-recognisable fashion icon. I like the modern twist ...

Check out these snappy little beauties from the Fall 2008 collection too:

I like the cloches, and can imagine Jean Harlow or Louise Brooks rocking these little numbers.
(I do wonder though, if women who don't have such super-slim pins could carry off the pearlescent/white stockings without their legs resembling freshly-steamed Bavarian Weißwurst!)

More here, here and here.


Janne said...

Great post! I've just been going through my closet trying on some vintage coats with that 50's flair (ebay purchases a few years back). I think I need to start wearing them!

Such a shame with Galliano - another case of genius gone mad..?

P.S. I wonder about the leg issue too :-)

Rina said...

I loved this post! thanks for sharing! Great designs!

... also ...

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