Friday, August 13, 2010

Wallpaper shopping

As well as updating our kitchen and laundry, we're planning to give a new lease of life to our outdoor loo (or 'powder room' as G is being trained to call it!). We've decided to buy a new, low-water use loo and decorate the tiny space with wallpaper. This means that I get the chance to play with colour (albeit in a very small space), and drool over the many wonderful designs out there.

Here are a few that have caught my eye recently...

Deliciously rich and evocative photo-based designs from Trove:

(Click through to the Trove site for stunning close-ups)

Pretty hot pink beauties from Barnaby Gates (via Rockett St George):

Delightful nouveau-influenced 'Captain Smith' by Grow House Grow - only available through Anthropologie (it's a bit weird - sometimes you have to click twice on the link to get to this wallpaper design's page rather than the Anthropologie Home page, but it sure is worth going for the close-up) ....  
oh, the colours!

.... and it has octopuses (octopi?)  ... and jellyfish!

We love the fabulous quirky prints from Grow House Grow's general collection (you simply must click through and check out the design and colour options ...)

Fun retro illustrations from Lizzie Allen (which are decidedly reminiscent of Miroslav Sasek's beautiful 'This Is ...' books):

.... or how about Extratapete's colourful Tokio Metro map?

I also adore the rich colours and strong styling of Ellie Pop's wallpapers, although I can't seem to save any of the website images for this post. Click over to their site to see the beautiful, strong hues and elegant designs.

I think G and I have narrowed down our shortlist, but we haven't made our final decision yet. I know it's just a loo - how silly! But wallpaper hunting can be fun.

Please let me know what you think!

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sakurasnow said...

The Grow House Grow designs are fab. And, of course, I love the 'Octopus' Garden' print... I'd love to paper a little room in that! You must be having so much fun :)

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