Thursday, August 26, 2010

The other Vargas girl

Wow - I've only just discovered the tattoo art of Valerie Vargas* ...



So here's a scenario for you:

You decide to cover a large part of your body with permanent ink. You could, on the one hand, save up your cashola and engage the services of a seriously skilled artist like Valerie V.

... but then again, you might decide that you're happy with this.

(* via Little Eden)


Tanya said...

Juddie- I must have too much time on my hands (relishing day off!) and I have just nearly wet my pants at some of those gone wrong tatoos- how bad are they!
Thanks for comments on my blog- if you edit your profile to include your email I can reply back rather than having 'no reply' which is annoying when I want to continue the conversation- like- who's the friend of the friend of a friend who put you on to us (Yalca), wonder if I know them. That's cool, love a chance connection!

prolix said...

I love the diversity of Melbourne's art. And the street art is another element... thanks for sharing the art

of Miso.

Workwear Melbourne

... also ...

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