Tuesday, July 06, 2010

Winter sunshine

I really love clear, cold, sunny winter days!

G sets a fire in the bedroom:

.... which provides Gus with a perfect opportunity to toast his little toes:

We let the heady scent of Wintersweet fill the room:

.... and bask in the soft morning light streaming through our bedroom windows, quaintly coloured at the top by the deco-patterned stained glass.

Later, we walk in the sunshine, admiring delicate, abundant eucalypt blossoms. These tangles of pollen and nectar are a feast for local wildlife as well as for the eyes ...

We start a hearty meal sizzling on the stove:

and we watch the clouds creep in, blushing as the evening descends.

Ahh, winter! You always bring a smile to my face!


Janne said...

Beautiful pictures! That fireplace looks so cosy. And Gus... He's my favorite! He has something of an Afghan hound look to him in this photo :-) (He is a pure bread cocker spaniel, right?)

Juddie said...

.... well, he's as silly as an Afghan hound, but pure-bred cocker as far as we know (we adopted him from another family who gave him away - advertised 'free to a good home').

Leni and Rose said...

Beautiful photos, your home looks gorgeous. And Gus is a real cutie!

G said...

Why is it Gus that gets all the good press!

Janne said...

I'm glad to hear you adopted Gus - we adopted our dog too. It's a great thing to be able to do. But who could part with Gus? Cutest of all cuties!?

PS: Tell G he looks cute too, doing his Cinderella pose ;-)

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