Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Sunny days, happy thoughts!

I hope these cheerful links bring a smile to your day ...

- Gorgeous, elegant clothing from Nadia Izruna's recent collections

- Bright colours and naive, nostalgic tableaux from Eva Joly

- Good advice on a teatowel from Dear Colleen

- Whimsical girl-guide-style merit badges for grown-ups from Lee Meszaros
  (click here if they're no longer for sale when you visit)

- Pretty embroidered cushions and napiery from Kainkain

- A bright and cheerful peacock pillow from MiCasaBella

... and finally, a sweet little talking crow, who has not let an injury dampen his ambition! (needs sound).

Happy Tuesday everyone!

(pretty bokeh image from here)

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