Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Shoey treats

It's probably a good thing for my credit card that I don't take a standard shoe size, since I found this lovely mix of inspirations for pretty pin-up style!

... from Miss L Fire, Irregular Choice and Virginia Barros


flipsockgrrl said...

I'm an 8.5ish C-or-D-ish fitting with high arches and toes that need some vertical space (no pointy shoes for me!)... But recently bought a pair of Irregular Choice heels and a pair by Poetic Licence (same company, I think, with a different label) and have found them wonderfully comfortable.

It might be worth you popping into DJ's and trying on a pair or two -- who knows, perhaps they will be good for your feet too! (I found mine at the Bourke St store.)

Plus you'll LOVE the gorgeous boxes they come with -- retro design heaven! I can't bear to recycle the packaging :-)

Susan L (lily40au) said...

so pretty ... i love a 30s or 40s inspired shoe.

... also ...

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