Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Tattoo-ed darlings

Chatting today with a friendly shop assistant about tattoos with a retro/vintage twist, I got to thinking ....

While I don't like many of the cheap-looking, oh-so-obvious or boring tattoos that seem to gaining popularity these days, I do like the seemingly timeless link between pinup/retro culture and tattoo art. There are some gorgeous gals in Brunswick with fabulous vintage looks who are also brightly inked, and it looks great on the right people! I just don't think I'd go for it myself as I'm no longer a sprightly young thing (and muscle tone has become a thing of the past ....)

For a while I was inspired by the work of Dutch tattoo artist Angelique Houtkamp

 .... but oh dear, I was rather disappointed when I found an old magazine cover and realised that her designs aren't really truly her own ...

~ I'm pretty sure I've seen an Angelina version of this image too:


(oh, now this is embarrassing .... I forgot to record the sources of some of these images. The first one was posted to a discussion board by a member of the wonderful Fedora Lounge, and I can't remember where the others came from. Sorry!)

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Rina said...

Great post and pictures! I don´t have any tattoo and I don´t have in mind to make me one, but I just adore the illustrations and there a lot of very talented tattoo artists

... also ...

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