Sunday, March 21, 2010

He'd like to be a water bear

I was thinking today about people who seem to spread happiness and goodwill wherever they go, who radiate integrity, positivity and enthusiasm while remaining completely down-to-earth ....

Some of you may know, or know of, Mal Webb, a Melbourne musician who never takes himself too seriously (although he has some serious talent). Since the 1980s this man has continued to bring smiles to my face, get my booty shakin', and make my heart feel all warm and fuzzy -  he's a true inspiration (if you'll forgive the cliché)!

Mal's world is one in which countless small pleasures are celebrated; upbeat music, vocal gymnastics and engaging performances bring happiness and empowerment to people from all walks of life; and immersion in different cultures serves as a never-ending educational playground.

I found some snippets of Mal's musical escapades on YouTube today. You might like to check them out too:

Walkabout waterbottle

Mal doesn't want to advertise beer

Singing with Sistanative, in English, Yamadjira and Walpiri (two Aboriginal languages). These songs are so sweet.

Vocal warm up with Indigenous kids at Ti Tree school as part of the Music Outback Foundation program. Looks like great fun to me!

Sideways yodelling .... very strange.


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