Saturday, October 03, 2009

Now breathe .....

Wow. What a week we've had.

Poor G has been weak and feverish and in quarantine because of a certain virus emanating from this;

I've been in pain and almost completely incapacitated because my spine has decided to do this;

both pets have had to visit the vet;

we've had several tradesmen requiring daily supervision as they tackle countless jobs over here;

and we need to have everything in the house packed up and ready for our move in two days from now.

Yipes. Sometimes things go more than a little pear-shaped when you feel the least able to manage them.

I'm indebted to my sister, who's been my cleaner, cook, chauffeuse, shopper, dog-walker, nurse, site manager, packer, pet transporter, schedule co-ordinator and physical assistant for the past few weeks, and this week in particular. My lovely friend Helena also came to help with packing today, and G has been an angel, working hard even though he's really sick.

We'll get there I guess.


Serena said...

Gee, super busy Juddie! Hope the moving goes well, if you need any help please let me know!

Jamie said...

Let us know if you need a hand also

Juddie said...

Thank you my sweet friends! We're settling in (amongst the boxes) at our new place now and things are looking up.

Just waiting for Telstra to get us back online so that I can catch up on a whole lot of work (and update this blog)....

... also ...

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