Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Party planner extraordinaire

Eek! I just realised the date...

I'm planning a birthday party for my sister in December, and it's occurred to me that as December's such a busy month, we must send the invitations out soon.

How lucky I was to find these films - they provide everything you ever wanted to know about hosting a successful event, and the actors are just so darned perky, their parties couldn't possibly fail!

"This is one party that just has to turn out right!"

~ Do you have any stories about a party that went well (or was a disaster!) for you?

I'd be grateful for any additional tips or suggestions ... the theme for our party is 1940s Blitz.

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Serena said...

Hello. My party handy hints are:

(1) Prepare lots of nibble food that you can put in the oven in small groups to have continual food.

(2) Prepare CD's of various music that you can keep on going

(3) Themes are always fun! (but you've got that one sorted already)

(4) Ikea is the place to go for funky napkins...

... also ...

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