Friday, September 25, 2009

Some new (old) ideas ...

I haven't updated my Retro-a-Go-Go link list for a while, so this is where I'll park some more vintagey links until I get more organised.

Miss Matilda Dreams
Chronically Vintage
No Pattern Required
Destination 1940
A Stitch in Time
My 1955 Year
Wearing History
Retro Ways
Diary of a Vintage Girl
Timewarp Wives
Sew Retro
Home Sweet Homefront
Letters from the Homefront
Casey's Elegant Musings
Bobby Pin Blog
Behind the Curtain
Letters of Note

I haven't yet explored them all properly but they looked pretty good to me at first glance....


Anonymous said...

miss juddie... noticed this lovely link to my digital scratchings (a stitch in time) so followed it & found this gorgeous blog... and realized it was you!... even in the digital realm its a small world... hope you & godfrey are well
pop into antons and say hello soon
xx anastasia (aka analiebe)

Jessica Cangiano said...

How sweet as sugar are you?! Thank you very much for listing my blog (Chronically Vintage) amongst your latest blog finds. I saw one of your comments on a post over at Miss Matilda's, followed you over here and was so touched to discover your mention of my site.

Thank you again very much, I'm off to add you to my blog roll, honey!

♥ Jessica

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