Friday, September 18, 2009

I like the pushbike!

I just adore old-style cycling-related stuff - great clothing, fab accessories and, of course, the wonderful treadlies themselves.
Now the good people at Bobbin have come up with more treats. Isn't this the sweetest helmet? (click to enlarge)

It's approved in the UK - wonder if I'd get in trouble for wearing one in Australia?

This sailor-style reflective collar makes me smile:

... as does this stylish reflective sash:

and this dotty little rain bonnet:

I've also found that there is now a purveyor of Pashley bicycles in Melbourne. Hooray! (not that I don't love my Kronan city bike, replete as it is with wicker basket, and adorned with little red roses). It makes me slow down and enjoy the ride ....

More swoony cycles can be found over here, here, and here.


Sarah said...

Cute helmet!
I saw some nice ones at a market a few years ago. They were bright red, lightweight, military-style replicas- comlete with goggles!

But unfortunately they don't meet Australian safety standards, so I couldn't get one to actually use.

Sorcha Cavanaugh said...

Oh my Gosh where can I get that red and white rain bonnet?? We might be moving to Ireland and I have a great tench coat with no hood and have been searching for something to cover my head.


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