Friday, July 24, 2009

Just around the corner ....

I love these clear and sunny winter days, even though we really need much more rain.

In my street the fruit trees are already covered in blossoms, and the magnolia buds are bursting forth as they do so reliably every year at the end of July. I took these pictures as the sun was setting yesterday so they're not as clear as I'd have liked, but the trees and soft evening light made my heart leap.

Can you see the blackbird nest in the centre of this picture?

Eeek! When I reduce the resolution of my photos to post them online, they go stripey. ugh. I'll try and fix them later.


dorothybills said...

I love blossoms and miss them, I dont really ever see them any more because of the climate I live in now so thank you for sharing your photos!

Sarah said...

Wow, your street looks beautiful! The trees in my street are short, boring and ugly and every year another one of them falls down.

Maybe when they're all gone the council will put in some lovely blossom trees like yours.

Juddie said...

Hmmmm ...I'm with you Sarah! These trees are in my neighbours' front gardens. Our council-managed street trees are not particularly attractive or well-maintained either. A little further north they planted olive trees in my street (in the next suburb) - wish we had some, 'cause they look pretty and are suited to the hot climate.
We have callistemons in front of our house - they're not the prettiest or most shady in summer but they do attract native birds so I guess that has to be a good thing.

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