Thursday, June 11, 2009

What is it about that word?

When Blogger kindly offered me this word verification code the other day, I was reminded of an article I read in the weekend paper a couple of years ago.

I found myself nodding in agreement with the author about this particular word, which highlights one of the many differences between Australian and American English. As Mia predicted in her article, my husband was rather perplexed by my particularly vehement, nose-scrunching expressions of distaste, but all of my female friends concurred emphatically.

It also made me think of the way we recoil when Americans refer to 'fanny-packs', 'giving someone a pat on the fanny' or 'someone getting a kick in the fanny' (ouch!). I have to tell you, in this part of the world those phrases conjure up some very wrong images ...

So if you know anyone from North America who's planning a trip down here, please encourage them to consult their vernacular dictionaries before attempting to communicate with the natives! Let's try and keep things nice, people.

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