Monday, February 09, 2009

Sewing and mending

I'm starting a stack of sewing projects in an effort to help mend some broken hearts. The state death toll from the fires stands at 108 this morning, and I'm sure this will rise as officials gain access to burnt-out areas.

I am planning to donate toys, quilts, etc and will gladly co-ordinate a collection of items in Melbourne; if anyone would like to contribute or help out please leave a comment on this blog or email me: juddie1[at]optusnet[dot]com[dot]au.

I'd also like to start a book drive, so if you would like to donate any books, I'll collect them together and donate them through a suitable organisation in a few months time, when the shattered communities begin to rebuild. Bianca from The Toy Society is organising a toy collection, and many other private assistance efforts are underway - check out Rach's blog if you would like to contribute to her collection in Sydney, or visit Sarah if you'd like to help out from Perth.

Finally, may I encourage you to consider donating to Animal Aid or Wildlife Victoria's bushfire appeal? At least two Victorian animal shelters have been lost to the fires, and donations of money and resources are desperately needed to help injured wildlife.

I'm so glad I donated blood on Friday ....


beck said...

Hi, my name is Beck & I would like to contribute to your collection for those affected by the bush fires. I am going through kids & adult books at the moment so i will set any aside for you. How can I get them to you? I am in Daylesford but my mum lives in the city so perhaps she could drop them off? Also the kids are going to give some of their toys and clothes so again we will find a way to get them to you. Just let me know what suits you. Thanks for organising this, I'm sure it will help x

Sarah said...

Hi Juddie,

Thanks for making this post. Your book drive sounds like a great idea. It seems like people all around the blogosphere are coming up with ways to help out. I'm glad these ideas have inspired so many people.

CurlyPops said...

Hi Juddie

I can definitely contribute books. I'll try to tee up a time next time I'm heading towards Thornbury.

Cam xx

PS Thanks for donating blood. I receive blood products every 4 weeks.

Kate said...

Thanks for the links to donate money to aid the poor animals. Those shelters are going to need all the help they can get. The book idea is a great one.

... also ...

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