Tuesday, March 11, 2008

This is .... the view from my front door

Oooops! Late again in posting pics for the This is ... meme. This week's theme takes a peek outside our front doors :-)
(thank you Angela and Brooke!)

This is the door in question at my house - it looks a bit bleak here but is actually quite welcoming, in warm tones and natural materials:

These are the mischief-makers who like to explore beyond the door:

Here's the dorky pose ....

On the left we share a wall with our neighbour, but on the right, we have a small verandah:

(our scooter lives on the front verandah these days as we haven't yet built a proper place for it in the back garden).

Pop over to Three Buttons to link to other front door vistas if you're interested ...


BigCat said...

Hey Juddie. I got your message on my blog that you will join the art swap. I was so excited to have someone else join the fun. Absolutely no need to suggest inadequate levels of competency - we are all newbies at this and just estatic to have friends to play swaps with.

I will post more details of the swap on the weekend over at my blog.

By the way, your mischief makers look like pretty special friends.


Stacy A. said...

Yay Juddie, thanks for joining in our swap. It will be fun no matter what we come up with. I adore your scooter. I have a special place in my heart for vespas. My husband says I cant have one in Boston cause I will die, lol. He may be right. Welcome to our little swap! Stacy

Betty said...

this is so cute. Love your 4 legged friends.s We are thinking of a scooter to zip around town in.
thanks for sharing

Maureen said...

Beautiful old brickwork. A scooter? I just about fell off one in my 20s... so it's unlikely for this time of my life either. However, diesel prices may make us think differently. :-(

BigCat said...

Art Swap is organised. Go check out the details at my blog.

... also ...

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