Monday, November 12, 2007

Spring greening

I've uploaded these pics a little late, but I want to keep a bit of a record of my garden over Spring and Summer. This season we have lots of broad beans and oriental poppies adding texture and volume, although some of the other plants have been crowded out. The Queen Anne's Lace, Rudbeckias, Echinacea and lower-growing perennials are struggling to find space and sunlight.

Emerson has been making nests in the straw mulch, so I have to be careful and protect my seedlings where possible. I've set up a bird bath under the Pandora - hopefully when it sends down its curtain of tendrils it will provide lots of shelter and entice the birds into the shade (despite Gus' outrage at having birds in his garden).

The beans are ready for harvesting now. I can't resist them when I'm working in the garden - they're so deliciously sweet I eat them straight from the pod and they don't have a chance to reach the kitchen.

Gus is climbing trees again.

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