Tuesday, January 03, 2006

Twenty - o - six

We survived the Christmas break

and find ourselves back at work already, wondering what happened to the ten days of relaxation and home renovations that we had so diligently planned .....

We hosted various family members and sweltered through the end of the hottest December on record - after a week of temperatures in the high thirties, the mercury climbed to 43 degrees on December 31st, and the heat continued well into the early hours of 2006. We celebrated the year's end at a new apartment on the 41st floor of the Eureka Tower, from where we had perfect views of the fireworks over Docklands, Federation Square and Albert Park Lake (as well as all the little illegal explosions in the suburbs!). Happy New Year to all!

One of the best new discoveries made last week was the Darebin Parklands, an expanse of native bushland with mulberry and plum trees, a creek and waterholes (which Gus just adores). He swims his little heart out each time we go there, and although he hasn't yet noticed the huge carp swimming just below the surface, he seems to be perfecting his duckdiving technique.

My friend Kyoko married her partner Shinji on January 1st. Congratulations to the happy couple, who will soon be starting a new life in Dusseldorf, Germany (and what a great excuse for us to visit Deutschland some time!).

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