Sunday, July 01, 2012

Place hair here

For some reason artworks and other things made with human hair totally creep me out, and my husband knows that I squirm even looking at photos of traditional Victorian keepsakes such as locks of hair encased in glass, let alone things like the revolting hair and fingernail (yes, you read that correctly!) doily that was offered on Etsy last year for US $200 ... {seriously, who spends the time making and advertising this sh*t?!}.

.... but over at Regretsy this week April posted about some quite fascinating hair-based jewellery, so delicately crafted I can (almost!) look at it without getting the shivers. Melanie Bilenker illustrates quiet scenes from domestic life by embedding individual strands of her own hair in resin - she's very talented and I'm impressed with both her technical skill and the sheer novelty of her work:

What do you think? Does disembodied hair make you feel a bit icky, or is it just another neutral, natural material with plenty of potential applications?


Jane said...

The things you find!
Human hair? Mostly icky but those last ones there are rather fascinating. And I don't think they'd be as interesting if they were made from ordinary art materials.

Jo said...

Oh yes, slightly creepy, you reminded me I need to trim my toenails though :-)

Lisa Shannon said...

I'm in total creeped out agreement, that human hair doily is the stuff of nightmares, although Melanie's work is not so icky.... think I need a cup of tea now..shudder

... also ...

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