Monday, November 08, 2010

Back from Brisvegas

We went to Brisbane for a few days .... I saw the Valentino retrospective exhibition (oooh!) and lots of beautiful animals, landscapes and architecture. It was hot and humid but we had fun!

 Turtles in the local lily pond.

 Ibis were everywhere, like seagulls in Melbourne...

 This guy was posing nicely but crouched to take off just as I pressed the shutter button. His legs look weird.

A young water dragon - such an expressive little face!

I loved the range of artworks installed in the Botanic Gardens

These chaps were waiting for handouts outside a seafood restaurant.

Perfect posture!

A sweet little project, although the idea of knitting in the hot weather makes me feel icky!

I love water dragons!

Paperbarks in an ephemeral wetland

I particularly enjoyed looking at all the beautiful old Queenslander-style homes (my father-in-law lives in a lovely one) - they're perfectly designed for the climate, raised up high with large, wrap-around verandahs, high ceilings, and extensive breezeways, and their turn-of-the-century timber detailing can look very elegant and pretty.

 Here's one that was featured on Apartment Therapy a couple of years ago (click for the slideshow)


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